A close call for Mama Kaingo

A beautiful leopard and a mother to a 20-month-old male and potentially a mother to a new cub, Mama Kaingo is a special lady. Loose furry skin sags from her stomach signalling she is either pregnant or with cub. So, to lose Mama Kaingo would be a tragedy for everyone in camp.

The Lionesses of the fearsome and infamous Mwamba-Kaingo Pride possess raw strength and completely rule the territories surrounding both our camps- Kaingo and Mwamba.

Guide and guests watch as the six females make their way from out of the ebony grove and onto the sandy banks of the Luangwa River. The sight of these strong females is accompanied by the river making a meandering bend and the banks on the far side are occupied by a small mopane forest. As the female’s walkout from the grove, a figured darts across the horizon, there is sudden tension in the air. Guides spot Mama Kaingo as she discovers that she could be in grave danger and the lions spot Mama Kaingo as she makes this harrowing discovery. These females would waste no time killing Mama Kaingo. So, the beautiful intelligent leopard makes an escape for protection from the closest tree, her claws grip the bark and she is in the lower branches within no time. The female lions chase the leopard and hold her hostage in the tree, making attempts to climb it. However, the lions have spared Mama Kaingo, this is a pride that can famously climb trees, but something distracts the pride and they switch into hunting mode. Mama Kaingo lives another day. 

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