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Bush Apothecary: The sausage tree

Bush Apothecary: The sausage tree Long and full, the fruits of the sausage tree dangle from the bright, leafy and luscious branches of the Kigelia Africana. Everything about this tree stands out, the fantastic bulging sausage-like fruits that feed many mouths, the lime green spinach-like leaves and of course, the [...]

Big Cat Roundup 15th- 21st August

Thursday 15th AugustThe day of the leopards, two males and one female (Chiphadzuwa) are spotted by Syl and his guests. The young male stalks impala without luck, their alarm call goes and without hesitation, the herd of antelope are disappearing from sight as they leap and bound avoiding potentially fatal [...]

Wonderful Wildlife: Creepy crocodiles

Wonderful Wildlife: Creepy crocodiles These prehistoric dinosaur-like river dwellers come in their thousands in the stunning waterways that cut their way through The Luangwa National Park. You never really appreciate how many flat dogs take occupancy in our rivers until a creature's life ends in the water. But, crocodiles are [...]

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