South Luangwa Photo Safari 22 – 27 June 2017

South Luangwa Photo Safari 22 - 27 JUNE 2017 - Kyle de NobregaKyle de Nobrega

A naturalist guide by trade, a wildlife photographer by passion, a birder at heart, Kyle has truly dedicated his life and time to wilderness regions and the natural world. He is constantly on a mission to explore, find and ultimately share the fascinating jewels of the bush. From taking photo’s of the spoor left behind by a beetle grub to painstakingly lying on a rock waiting for a certain bird to fly by, he thrives.

South Luangwa Photo Safari 22 - 27 JUNE 2017 - Ruth NussbaumRuth Nussbaum

With an innate love for travel and wildlife her passion for photography was bound to work hand in hand. Her photographic career began in the form of Fine Art at Rhodes University and has since adapted and taken on new forms during her many travels over the past few years. Naturally, moving to the bush her subject focus shifted to the wildlife around her.


A 5 day stay with Kyle and Ruth as your private guides and hosts, at Kaingo Camp.