2017 Safari Awards

We are so proud to announce that both Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp have been nominated for the 2017 Safari Awards (The Good Safari Guide annual awards).

All The Safari Awards Judges have been appointed by the previous years’ awards winners and finalists and are unquestionably the most highly-respected, knowledgeable independent tour operators selling safaris. The judges sit at the head of the Good Safari Guide, ensuring that the lodges, camps and operations presented both in the guides and in the Awards really are the best in Africa. Voting is now open so please click on the links below to vote for one of our properties.

The Good Safari Guide award nominations are in and we have been nominated in 9 categories for the 2017 Safari Awards. To vote for us in this award please click through here for Kaingo Camp and here for Mwamba Bushcamp.


One we’re particularly proud of is “Best Guiding Team”.

We pride ourselves in the excellence of our Guides; not only for their abundant knowledge and photographic skill, but also for their inexhaustible enthusiasm. Being a Guide is not just about imparting information; a true guide is born, not trained.  At Shenton Safaris when developing our guides, we look first for a deep, abiding passion for nature. We develop guides with enthusiasm for conservation, an instinctual connection with and love of wildlife, and most especially the desire to create memorable moments with you, our Guests.

To Patrick, Sly, Andrew, Yorum, Sandy, Innocent and Nicholas we say thank you, we are honored to have such an amazing team as part of the Shenton Family

2017 Safari Awards

Because our journey through Africa has introduced us to many incredible people, like Kaingo’s Patrick. A gentleman first and foremost, but also has incredible knowledge and judgement of our natural world.
He is without peer.
We are fortunate to call him friend.

Art Ryan

2017 Safari Awards

Hand in hand with the Best Safari Guiding Team is the Best Walking Safari, another award that we are truly proud of being nominated for. This award falls into place between our amazing Guiding Team and our beautiful location. This small section of the South Luangwa National Park that we humbly call our own is filled with such a diverse and diverse landscape. It leads to the most wonderful Walking Safaris, from the Ebony Forest to the Mopane Wastelands, to the open expanses of Lion Plains, as you set off on your walk you cross through all these different habitats.

2017 Safari Awards - Walking Safari

2017 Safari Awards - Walking Safari

2017 Safari Awards - Walking Safari



Focusing on the introduction of our new “Kaingo Kid’s” programme we are aiming for recognition as the Best Family Safari Experience. Combined with a Family Camp Out at Kapanda Lagoon there is nothing that a family should want for. A beautiful Camp fire with just a mosquitos net to seperate yourself from the rest of the African Night, safely enclosed in a wildlife Boma.


So what makes up a great walking safari? As we’ve said we are so proud of our Guiding Team, but the other aspect is our beautiful location. Our nomination for Best Location gives acknowledgment to this small stretch of land we roam, a remote corner of the South Luangwa National Park that is not accessed by all. With rich game viewing, and amazing landscapes it’s no wonder we have been nominated for this category.

Best Location 3 Best Location 2 Best Location 1



The South Luangwa National Park is well known for it’s prime game viewing, what Shenton Safaris offers to our Guests is the possibility to live this experience as authentically as possible. We enhance our guests complete experience through several aspects; our world famous hides, which are unique to Shenton Safaris and offers our Guests the opportunity to observe animals in their natural environment without adding the stress of our presence. For our Guests, our third daily activity of a midday visit to our hides is an experience that gives priceless memories and images.


The nominations for Best Design is a credit to the thought and careful consideration that we went into with the design and layout of both of our Camps. The extended, luxurious Chalets at Kaingo Camp were designed to have their rustic feel and blend into the earthy colours of the surrounding bush and river bed. The high angled thatch roof with sky lights optimises air circulation during the warmer months and gives you a beautiful view of the African Night Sky. Each Chalet has it’s own secluded outdoor bath tub and private deck which off the very best views of the Luangwa River.

Kaingo Room Zimba Award Kaingo Room Photo Best Design Kaingo bathroom Best design


Ruth Thackery joined us as our Executive Chef in 2015. Transforming our kitchens and turning out top-notch quality dishes for our guest to enjoy in our beautiful locations, be it in our Chitenge at Kaingo Camp or under the stars at Mwamba Bushcamp. If you’ve sat down at either Kaingo’s or Mwamba’s table and throughly relished one of these meals, than you would agree that Safari Cuisine is one award we are aiming for!

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