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The Camp of the Leopard

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Africa’s Best Place to Hide

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Get close with your camera.

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For memorable moments, our walking safaris, game drives and night drives are just the start.

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“It is no surprise that once people discover South Luangwa’s wild and raw nature in this remote location, they keep coming back. Shenton Safaris’ Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bushcamp is a home away from home that offers all the luxuries a photographer can dream of while keeping you very close to nature. Their world famous photographic hides take your photography to a whole new level. It is a magical experience to get so close to the animals in the hide and seeing nature unfold in front of you. This is something that you could never do on a game drive vehicle.”

Isak Pretorius, Award winning photographer and author

“South Luangwa as a safari destination should be at the top of the list Africa & all things wild. The park boasts an incredible diversity of wildlife & its remote nature means you can enjoy what’s on offer all whilst maintaining a quiet unobstructed safari experience. The camp you choose here is equally as important and I simply can’t think of any better camp than the two operated by Shenton Safaris. They are some of the most remote camps and therefore you get a wild wilderness experience with incredible game viewing, second to none. The staff are warm and charming, and the guides experts at what they do. There are no better hands to place your South Luangwa Safari experience within than Shenton Safaris.”

Marlon Du Toit, Pro Safari Guide and Wildlife Photographer

“The South Luangwa is an incredibly special place, brimming with all kinds of life from Pels fishing owls and leopards, to wild dogs and pangolins. Shenton is the perfect base to explore the park from, situated deep in the park you can be sure to have intimate experiences in this amazing ecosystem. For photographers and filmmakers or even just people who want to get that little bit closer, their network of hides offer experiences like no other, sometimes you can even smell the hippo’s breath from their hippo hide!”

Luke Massey, Award Winning Wildlife Photographer and Filmmaker

“Passionate wildlife photographers need a vehicle and, ideally, Kaingo. The safari industry is a fusty old thing, resistant to change and suspicious of technology. Few camps appear to have noticed that increasing numbers of clients are packing ever-fancier glassware. Kaingo is the exception. Here, the action starts at sunrise, when it seems every bird in the bush comes to drink, followed by, well, everything else. Life, love and sudden death take place before your eyes, with a cast of thousands – at full volume.”

Chris Haslam, Chief Travel Writer The Sunday Times

“To experience wild Zambia at its best I urge you to stay at Kaingo with Shenton Safaris. Their hides put you at the heart of the action and their guides know Luangwa like the back of their hand.”

Brian Jackman, Award Winning Travel and Wildlife Journalist. The Daily Telegraph.

“An African safari how it really should be experienced. From the privacy of the hides to the hunting sequences by the Mwamba Lion Pride, was just the ticket. The Shenton Safaris’ Fan Club has just gained another excited fan.”

Andy Rouse, Award Winning Wildlife Photographer and Star of Animal Planet's The Wildlife Photographer

“One of the wonderful features of Derek Shenton’s camps is the network of blinds he sets up each year to allow close-up view of hippos, elephants, and other wildlife.”

Frans Lanting, National Geographic Photographer and NHM Wildlife Photographer of the Year

“Shenton Safaris’ Kaingo and Mwamba camps – the best on the continent in my book. For those who want to be completely immersed in the wilds of Africa, Shenton’s camps in the Valley are ‘it’.”

Kenneth Coe, The Nature Conservancy's Africa Council Chair and Wildlife Photographer

“I have been visiting Zambia and South Luangwa since the 1990’s and Shenton Safaris have become my operators of choice in recent years. I cannot endorse them more thoroughly… great camps and great guides – in the best wildlife viewing area in the park!”

Daryl Balfour, Author, Guide and one of Africa's top Wildlife Photographers

Catch the action live and worldwide through our incredible webcams.

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